Rawang - English


Krishvnpn:Christian.<Eng.8.9.7Religious organization
Krizipn:Khrizi; Rawang surname. names
Krongmupn:Khraungmu; Rawang surname. names
krøponmonomatopoeic adverb; the sound of chewing crispy food or bones.Vkàngó wani krøpkrøp wa kéòe wa.'As it was a tiger (he) eat heartily "khreup, khreup", it is said.'9.2.11Onomatopoeic
Krungpn:Krung; place name. of villages
krvkv.i:perfect.Krvk íe.'Its perfect.'Wedø krvkwasè shvmumràe.'That manner (it) needs to be prompted perfectly.'It requires copula to be predicative.<Jp.
Krvngkúpn:place name.Krvng + 'head water'. kú ⇔ kǿ the first one is in a Lungmi dailect. of regions
Krvngtìpn:Krang river. of rivers
krvtv.t:issue permit.Vmíng shvkrvtnòe.'Issue an order.'<Jp.
ku1dem:that, there, remote pronoun, farther from speaker than we.Kulap, rvmè kupa.'Over there, the other side of the river.'Kupà déjaqò.'Look at the other side (of shoes).'Sometimes pronounced  to emphasize far distance. pronounskuchø̀mdem:that house.'that' + 'house'kudødem:that (way), (like) that.Kudø mèwani.'Don't do like that.''that' + ADVkukaqdem:that side, to that side.Kukaq èshøtshì.'Move to the other side.''that' + ALkulàadv:look thereǃ; word used to draw someone's attention.Kulà lè.'Over there.'kulapdem:that side, there.Kulap èmáshì.'Hide over there/ that side.''that' + 'side'kulèdem:that, see that.Kulè, eyàngò.'There! see.'kulòngdem:that one, the one over there.Kulòng èwàò.'Do that one.''that' + CLF.generalkunì kutongloc.n:in various corners.Weyv́ng kèní nø kunì kutong írì nø mvshángangò.'I don’t know about mountains from other parts (Lit. in various corners).'kurìdem:those (things), those people.Kurì nø míwarì íe.'Those are Chinese.''that' + PLkuyv́ngdem:there.Kuyv́ng shé vle.'There is gold.''that' + LOC
ku2adv:supposedly, in probability, in the manner.Shvngø̀mré shvngbe nø dvzaqshì ku íeó.'All the churches are supposedly working so hard, right?'Paqzí lá ràku íe.'I suppose we need to find a way.'Kayv́ng màyv́ng v̀l lv́mku íe, Dongjí rvgaq gø lè.'(We) will live everywhere, even in Thaungkyi.'Nøngmaqí nònggùn zí ràku íe.'We will have to encourage them.'<Jp.9.6.3Discourse markers
v.t:scoop, dip with a cup.Kvntì kùòe.'To scoop soup.'kùng2v.t:first person singular form of kù; combination of kù + ng =kùng.
kubvnn:type of a large hat.
kúlv.i:be brittle, be easy to break.=bvng, jvl
kùlwàngn:garden.Edin kùlwàng taq Adam nvng Ewa ní sv̀ng Gv̀ráyí gv̀lyàngà.'God kept Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.'
kumn:pan.Kumtaq èsàngò.'Fry with pan.' utensil
kumyunitn:communist.Í nìgø kumyunitrì rvt nø̀ vtv́ng yv̀ngshà.'But we came back because of the Communists.'<Bur.8.6Government
kúnv.t:arrive.Tiqnií kúnòe.'(He) arrives in one day.'<Dvmang dialect.
Kúnmingpn:Kunming; town name in Yunnan, China. of cities
kung1v.i. ~ v.t:arise, wake-up.Søt kungshìe.'Rise up swiftly.'Vdǿ sv̀ng kungòe.'I am waking up Adeu.'Takes onomatopoeic adverb søt.2.7.3Wake up
kung2n:1bowl, plate, dish.Kung chuqgø̀m.'Six plates.'V́mpà chuqkung'Six plates of rice.'9.2.7Classifiers2drainage, gorges.It can also occur as numeral classifier.4.5Locationkungdorn:pipe, drain-pipe.Tìkungdor.'Water pipe.'Koná ba sv̀ng tìkungdorí tì shvyǿòe.'Bring water into the wet rice field by the bamboo tube.'kungkvngn:long bamboo drainage used for feeding animals.kungkvróngn:bowl.kungzv́lràn:wash basin.
kung3vkungn:1valley, drainage.Nøngmaq vkungrv́m'Our valley.', grazing valley, cow shade.Ngàmaq nvngwà kung íe.'Our grazing valley.'4.5Location1.2.1.4Valleykung kvroqvkung kvroqn:1valley.2gorge.Tìsu rvmá wámàshvla, dv̀ngdv́r íe, kungkvroq íe, saqgàng íe.'(We) cannot do wet rice field, it is only steep slope, gorge, cliff.'kungtv̀ngvkungtv̀ngn:valley.
kùng1n:festival.Àngkaq sv̀ng gø oqà kùng kí laqmànáì.'Let us not forget him in this thanksgiving festival.'kùngdǿng nin:the central day of the three day Ahzeu festival.Kùngdǿng nitaq v́mlv́m.'To eat on the central day of the festival.'=pv̀nglà nikùngzaqn:celebration, festival.=bóymè