Rawang - English


riq1v.t:mindful, normal or stable mind.Nøtriq vsv̀ng nø wedø kà mvshø̀n.'The one who has stable mind will not speak in that manner.'Exclusively following nøt, see nøtriq.5.1.1Personality
riq2v.t:sift.Waqsì riqòe.'Sift the husk.'
riq3vriqv.t:explore, survey.Vrøkngòe.'I explore around.'Mandalay vríqòe.'He goes around Mandalay.'Tìwàngsv́ng vriqòe.'Explore along the river.'=shvp
riq4n:cultivated field.Lvgong riq.'Corn field.'Used exclusively for corn/maize fields.3.2.9Farmland
riq vrúngvriq vrúngv.i:discuss.vriq by itself means 'explore or survey', vrúng (with falling tone) means 'to speak', and this combination actually means 'everyone talking at the same time'.
riqpon:cultivated field.=muqpo3.2.3Tend a field
riqriq waadv:shivering with cold.Riqriq wa zae.'(He) is sick and shivering.'1.1.3Weather
rìràv.i:wonder, amaze, shock.Rvwàng wa we tiqpv̀n vlda we sv̀ng yv̀ng bǿà rvt rìràe.'When (he) saw a people group called Rawang, (he) got shocked. words
rísàn:shared meat, meat for distribution like mèzø̀.
rísangn:large basket; usually refers to a basket which contains two pails or more.=pé3.7.6Holding tool
rísøtn:Approximately over 10 year old branches that have regrown from the tree's stem after it had been cut down for cultivation.1.5.1Tree
ritonmonomatopoeic adverb; used with the verb vjer 'run into'."Ngàí lùngv́mònøng" vyà rit vjèr.'(He) said "I will go and get (it)", as (he) ran and jumped...,'9.2.11Onomatopoeic
Rìwádv́mpn:Riwadam; place name. of villages
riwàngkuqn:basket with removable cover, woven with strips from the toddy-palm leaf stalk, bamboo, etc. 3.7.7Container
Rízø̀mpn:Rizeum; Rawang surname. names
Rìzvngpn:Rizang; place name. of villages
onmonomatopoeic adverb; simultaneously.Rówa dìì.'We shall go all together at once.'ròrò waadv:all together, do something in unity.Ròrò wa èdìshì.'You two go together.'
Rondv́mpn:Raundam; Rawang surname. names
rongclf:numeral classifier for counting numbers of coils and rings (of rope etc.).Sømri tiqrong baqò nø̀ loe.'(He) carries a coil of rope and returns home.'9.2.7Classifiers
róng2n:office.Róng chø̀m'Office building.'<Bur.
ròngn:big gathering.7.5.1Gather