Rawang - English


wvren:giant bamboo.Dendrocalamus giganteus1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
wv̀rman:axe.<Mangrung dialect.3.7.1Cutting tool
wvt11v.i:blossom.Mvngarì wvtnapmì.'The mustard plants have bloomed.'2clf:classifier for counting numbers of flowers.9.2.7Classifiers
wvt2v.t:tear, make hole.
wvt4onmonomatopoeic adverb; used with the verb vwv́ng 'return'.Wvt vwv́ngshìe.'Suddenly, (he) turns back.'=wut, wøt9.2.11Onomatopoeic
wvyèadv:rightǃ used after a repeated utterance (other person didn't hear clearly).Íe wvyè!'I said it is like that.'