Rawang - English


Zvngbepn:Zangbe; people group name. names
zv́nghèn:bracken ferns.Diplazium esculentum. from leaves
zv́nghoqn:ferns; fiddlehead ferns.1.5.2Bush, shrub
zvnghvmn:curse.zvnghvm zvngtipv.i:curse.
zv́ngkungn:Sheman fountain, spring.Zv́ngkung kèní tì aqì.'We will drink water from the Sheman fountain.'It refers to a fountain which Rawang people believe that the Shaman has caused it to flow.
zvngkvngn:pitfall trap.3.4.2Trap
zvnglínn:kind of bird.
Zvnglínpn:Zanglin; place name.Weyv́ng kèní nø apakaq nø "Zvnglín sùng" eì nø̀ vle, nøngmaqrv́mø.'From that place on this side, there is a peak called "Zanglin peak", in our valley.' of villages
Zvngngørpn:Zangngeur; Rawang surname. names
Zvngrǿngpn:Zangreung; Rawang surname. names
zvngrvngn:type of fish.
zvngtv́ngn:expensive gift given with the expectation of getting something in return.It is probably a loan not a gift, debt can last for generations.
Zv̀ngyopn:Zangyau; Rawang surname. names
Zv̀ngyoqpn:Zangyau; Rawang surname. names
zv̀ngyvpn:kind of bean. from seeds
zvp1vzvp1n:seed of Chinese prickly ash, sichuan pepper.Zanthoxylum armatum. from vegetables
zvp2vzvp2v.t:mingle.Usually occurs as vzø̀m vzvp.
Zvpmvkaqpn:Zapmakha; Rawang surname. names
zvrv.i:to bud, to sprout (vine or tree's leaf).Vnorì zvrshìvpmì.'Beans sprout out.'
Zvrpn:name given to a child with indication to multiply and fruitful.Dǿzvr, Sønzvr.<zvrshì 'sprout out' terms used with birth order names
Zvripn:Zari; mountain name. of mountains
Zv́rtaqpn:Zartha; Rawang surname. names