zvng1v.i:be in, exist in (a place, e.g., water in the bowl).Gwìntaq tì zvnge.'There is water in the bowl.'Nga zvnge.'Fish dwell (in this basket or hole).'Yagùng tvwachøm yv́ng tì zv́ngshìe.'This bamboo tube contains water in it.'Changes to a high tone when followed by -ò, -ì, -à or -shì.4.5.6Containzv́ngv.t:1put into a container, fill (a bowl with rice), pack, record, insert.Modochv̀ng taq kvláng dv̀n zv́ngòe.'I put hay onto the truck.'Often takes the adverb dv̀n; can be used for some speakers for 'enter', as in Dulong.2record.Mvkún zv́ngange.'I am recording for you.'