á2part:1vocative particle suffixed to the name of the person hailed.Vpongáǃ'Aphong!'Pà èshònge dvrvtsèá.'What would you like, the orphan boy?'"Kàngá neyv́ng negv̀m nø ngà gø mvkvmshø̀ng."'Tiger! I dare not (to be eaten alive) in front of my own eyes.'9.2.8Interjections2marker which appears utterance finally to indicate the addressee to clarify or repeat what S/he've just said.Kapàá.'I beg your pardon, what's the matter?.'Nv̀mlesùng dììá.'I beg your pardon, are you saying that we are going to Mt. Namlesung?'We gǿ gø die lá?'Is it true that he also goes.'3yes, a response made when someone hails your name.Vdǿá. Á.'Hi Ah Dee. Yesǃ'Following -e, the form lá is used.